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Tips For Youtube Musicians: Artist Development & Promotion by Doug Deneve | Partner

Doug Deneve

PR Mentor, CEO of When Magazine and Business Partner, Doug Deneve with over 25 years in the talent industry, starting his career at Belmont University and having internships across the nation with major record labels such as MCA Records and … read more …

Thanx Taylor Swift! … and intro to Bizelli HVAC!

Here Curt Thanks Big Machine Records and Taylor Swift for the Autographed Photo he received last year! read more …

God Driven Updates & Not Getting Caught up in the BIZ

It’s so easy to get caught up in the BIZ and step on other people on your way to the top. Remember … Brittany Murphy … Bill Clinton … US Weather News … New Signed Talent … Mario Rap … Sign up for Press Releases (will receive occasionally and can opt out at anytime) …. This blog post is JAM PACKED with valuable information including the “jist’ behind the company names we go under! read more …

Attention: This used to be a Pro Bono Entertainment Publicity Blog in spite of connections. Now we only provide Marketing & PR Tips here, etc. ... if you run across an article about a celebrity, we do not claim any representation of them unless specifically stated on one of our outlets. Thank you for understanding. God bless and Enjoy Reading!
Mario Rap Pic

Mario Rap (hehe)

There are a lot of Awesome, Positive things happening in our PR world, but first I would like to touch on this subject:

It’s so easy to get caught up in the BIZ and step on other people on your way to the top. Remember not to do that, because it is vital that you care about everybody you come into contact with. When we say, “God Driven” we mean compassionate and driven by a higher power FULL OF LOVE! From a point forward, I made the decision that I won’t just represent anybody. Some celebrities only care about themselves, besides I want to work with the younger generation and get YOU NOTICED! … and assist you in finding your true purpose in life!

FURTHERMORE: To clarify the businesses of:

  1. Alpha Bizelli, Inc.
  2. CSI Talent Agency
  3. Manifest Your Dreams Publicity
  4. When Magazine/Productions

The first is the parent co. for the others “with the exception of When Mag” … When Mag (at this time) is only in association with MY (Curt Bizelli’s) businesses: CSI Talent & Manifest Your Dreams Publicity. Why so many names? Well, we didn’t intend for it to be like that. The name we’re sticking with is Manifest Your Dreams Publicity in association with When Mag/Productions with Alpha Bizelli Advertising & PR, Inc. being the parent co. for Manifest Your Dreams (considering I, Curt Bizelli do Network Marketing & Business Advertising as well). I hope that makes sense. Please feel free to watch the videos throughout the site to get a feel for who we are and what we are all about.

In the meantime, I will thrive to bring you the very best of the best content.

Some long OVERDUE messages:


R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy – Click Here to Pay Tribute

AND GOD BLESS BILL CLINTON. Hopefully he recovers well from his issues and lives a long, prosperous life!

HOT US WEATHER NEWS: We had a considerable amount of snow in EVERY STATE except Hawaii (on the same day – “a couple days ago”)

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God Bless,

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